Lukang Pharma participated in the 77th National Drug Fair of Shanghai


The 77th National Drug Fair was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai Hongqiao) on May 16-18, 2017, which was sponsored by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions. As the largest fair with pharmaceutical drug products, related technologies and services, the National Drug Fair involved each aspect of the pharmaceutical industry chains such as drugs research and development, production, operation and services, which is an excellent platform to insight into the changes of medicine field and the latest development trends. It covered more than 2000 pharmaceutical enterprises participating, attracted more than 100,000 distributors and agents from all over the country. At the same time, there are more than one professional academic forums, so it is a medicine industry comprehensive trading platform with exhibitions and conferences. 

Lukang Pharma, as a member of Jining Medicine Exhibition Group, booked special booth which was layed out by Mother company together with Saite company and Qinghai Dadi company. The president Ms. Guo Qin, general manager Mr. Peng Xin, vice general manager Mr.Wang Aiyu who is also the general manager of Finished Dosage Form Business Division, Sales team of Mother company, Saite company and Qinghai Dadi company participated in the fair. The API Sales Dept. and International Trading company also participated because the 78th API Exhibition was held at the same time. The vice general manager Mr. Wang Aiyu, on behalf of Lukang Pharma, participated in the opening ceremony.


In this exhibition, the products that were advertised and attracted significantly included: The non-penicilin and non-cephalosporin products, some categories of common drugs for chronic diseases from Saite company, 9 exclusive drugs from Qinghai Dadi company, drugs newly contained in the Health Insurance, key generic drugs. By this exhibition, Lukang Pharma showed its abundant drugs structure comprehensively. The exhibition attracted many participants to consult and request information and sample box. It was a good publicity for Lukang Pharma’s enterprise image and products, and it also improved the cognition of new and old customers and industry to Lukang Pharma, and deepened the cooperation and contact with old customers. During the exhibition, we gathered the market information of the relevant information, understood the demand changes of the product in the domestic pharmaceutical market, as well as the price changes and new drugs research in other manufacturers, which all could lay a good foundation that Lukang Pharma makes full use of market opportunities, expands product sales, improves the enterprise competitiveness . 



We also introduced the company operation, the planning of retreating from downtown to industrial park, marketing policy and the consensus on business cooperation in recent years. Meanwhile, we honored the outstanding customers in 2016 cooperation to promote each others further cooperation in 2017. The “New Lukang, New Future” Lukang Pharm VIP Customers Return Banquet was held by Finished Dosage Form Business Division before the drug fair. This pre-conference customers mainly included Finished Dosage Form Business Division’s customers, the key customers of Saite company and Qinghai Dadi company were also invited. This exhibition was held by mother company, Saite company and Qinghai Dadi company, which the customers resources were shared and used effectively by each other, the cost of business development was saved.



At the beginning of the exhibition, president Ms. Guo Qin gave a warm speech, expressed the gratitude to old and new customers who are supporting us over the years. President Guo introduced the general development status of Lukang Pharma, retreating plan, and future development plan on enterprise culture establishment of “Innovation Lukang, Integrity Lukang, Wisdom Lukang”. The president Guo stressed that Lukang is focus on optimization and improvement in research and development, production, sales aspects, and also focus on supplying product with a better quality and competitive sales policy, to make the finished dosage form reach a stronger and larger level. President Guo also committed: The retreating must be completed on time, will not affect the market demand due retreating. The president’s speech reassured the concerns about whether the retreating will affect the drug supplying, which make the customer confidence to Lukang Pharma in the future cooperation.

General manager Mr. Peng Xin introduced Lukang Pharmaceutical’ development history, new plant overview, construction situation, development goals, development orientation and capacity status. Customers had a full understanding to Lukang Pharms new plant by the background animation showing on larger LED. Besides, Mr. Peng introduced the drugs structure and consistency evaluation progress of drugs which are rather concerned by the customers. The General manager Mr. Peng Xin’s speech made the customers understand Lukangs future development ideas and strategic in more detail. With an abundant products structure, a good development momentum, an innovative leadership, a forge ahead marketing team, these show Lukang Pharma’s positive enterprise culture and cohesive team spirit.


Vice general manager Mr.Wang Aiyu who is also the general manager of Finished Dosage Form Business Division introduced the organization, operation situation, sale stratogy, strategic cooperation of Finished Dosage Form Business Division, especially introduced marketing policy in 2017, and communicated with kinds of customers face to face.


General manager Gao Dewang of Saite company, General manager Zhao Xinguang of Qinghai Dadi company introduced the products structure and products character respectively. By the introduction of the each companies leaders, the customer have a  more comprehensive understanding to the abundant products structure, which will facilitate to broaden the following cooperation.


With further medical reform, opportunity and challenges are coexisted, both Lukang Pharma and customers should capture the opportunity, overcome the challenges, communicate and cooperate with each other sincerely, to achieve the win-win business cooperation. With many customers supporting, as well as the clear future development strategy,  Lukang Pharma will work harder on products structure, quality and sales services in the next step, to provide better products and service. As long as we work together, Lukang will achieve the goals, and go to a bright tomorrow.